About our Briquettes

About our Briquettes



We produce superb briquettes from straw which is otherwise left on the field. Straw from linseed. rape or other crops. We use as a binding agent a small amount of hardwood sawdust, and some dry cardboard. We also put in a bit of paper waste from our offices.

The briquettes have excellent properties as a burning fuel. They are lit in the same way as other fuels with a firelighter or a bit of kindling.

They give a clean burn with no spitting or firing out of sparks so you can do away with a fire guard on open fires.

DO NOT overload your fire or stove as the briqettes can burn very hot. 1 kilogramme will take over an hour to burn on a fire and produce well over 4 kw of heat.

        High calorific value                In excess of 4000kw/kg

        Low ash content/residue      The ash is an excellent fertiliser for your garden!

        Very low sulphur content      A pollutant that is present in fossil fuels

        Low moisture content            About 10%    logs have a moisture content of around 20-35% a huge effect on the calorific value

        Clean dry and stable              No more black dust or problems with split charcoal bags

        Easily stored and stacked.    Can be stored outside in the plastic outer sack


Zero Carbon?

        The straw we use would otherwise be chopped and ploughed back in to the ground. Here it would gradually breakdown generating methane gas. When we burn the product, we generate carbon dioxide gas.

If the Global Warming potential of carbon Dioxide is 1, then the GWP of methane is 21.  So in effect, we can calculate the burning of 1 tonne of our fuel will abate over 6  tonnes of carbon dioxide once we take into account the production and transport.